Monday, March 19, 2012

The New One

I haven't said a lot about this new little one even though we really are very excited. He is just so accommodating! The biggest stressor of this pregnancy has been the lack of symptoms, causing me to worry he isn't okay. But he is. His movements are still little and take some paying attention to to notice, which I account in part to a toddler whose soundtrack is louder than most. And while I suspect the ultrasound technicians always try to say something that makes you feel like your kid is unique, she did hint that ours was more of a mover than most. A fact which is not hard to believe given our other mover.

As for me, I am starting to feel the largeness of pregnancy that isn't entirely unwelcomed, just disorienting at times. I was heartbroken the first night I went shopping solely for the little guy and couldn't find a single thing I just loved. Girl stuff is just so darn cute. But once I decided on a nautical theme for the nursery, navy stripes and red accents, I can't stop seeing cute things for his room and his wardrobe. He may be wearing only stripes his entire childhood if I have the entire say on shopping!

Lucy had her first moment of sibling sadness when I closed the door to his nursery and she exclaimed between tears that it was still her room too. So we keep the door open and she seems to be pretty happy seeing it washed over in blues. She likes to talk to the baby in Spanish. "Buenos dias bebes" and the like. I think she just likes the way "bebe" sounds. She doesn't seem upset it is a boy but she won't stop calling him her sister. She can't wait to feed him and she practices burping with her elmo doll all day!

As for Mike, every time I get the feeling of fear, how do people raise two kids at one time, he lights up with confidence and seems to really believe it will be more fun than it will be hard. Watching him arm-wrestle Lucy today (she won) I was reminded how very few adjustments he will have raising this boy.


Emilee said...

Besides the first couple of weeks of recovery and having a newborn, my transition to two has been easier than my transition to one was. Sounds like Lucy is going to be a great big sister. Despite getting less attention, Ivy is way happier having a baby sister around than she was as an only child.

Katie Curtis said...

Nautical was such a good choice! I seriously cannot wait for my nephew to get here! I am so excited for your family...and by excited I mean insanely jealous :)

I love reading what you write. I really think that you should claim bed-rest for the rest of your pregnancy, I'll take some time off of work to watch Lucy, and you write a book!