Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Baby Blues

This is the first shot I have gotten in which you can really see his sweet blue eyes.  I love Lucy's big brown eyes that are so reminiscent of her dad's, but I would love a child with something of my own genetic markings.  

And it should be said that my children really don't spend all their day in the crib as my blog pictures would indicate.  I just keep the "fancy camera" upstairs and the crib is the only place they are corralled long enough for me to go and grab it.  In fact, Reid is rarely in the crib.  It is interesting how a second round of mothering alters what was once important. With Lucy I was so concerned about her schedule and her expectations.  I made it clear that the crib was a calm place for sleep.  But Reid, he doesn't know what a sleep schedule looks like and he probably thinks a crib is more for fun than for sleep.  He can now fall asleep anywhere.  On the kitchen floor. Check.  In the stroller. Check. On a changing table. Check. I don't know which is better.  I think predictability was good for Lucy but I also think mixing in a little sense of how fleeting babyhood is and holding my kids longer as they fall asleep is also doing us good.   



Savannah said...

They are both SO beautiful!

Katie Curtis said...

My niece and nephew are both absolutely stunning. Love and miss you guys!!