Saturday, October 13, 2012

Lucy Samantha {33 months}

* Loves her brother. She asks other people when we are out in public if they agree that he is cute and if they want to hold him 
* Loves her little tricycle more than any other tangible object.
* Still gets excited when she goes to the bathroom by herself.  
* Says the funniest things. When Mike thanked Heavenly Father for the rain in a prayer she immediately shouted, "Don't bless the rain!" * When she comes into our room at night she says that she was scared because the owl "hooted and it made her frustrated." * She frequently asks when Jesus is coming over and when I tell her that's not how it works she insists that he can take her to the children's museum then. * She calls flashlights "torches" just like the British. *She tried on my bra while I was folding laundry and informed me that it should really be used as a purse. * Her use of conjunctive adverbs and other adverby words always amazes me: actually, although, anyway, very, quite, really 


Yukiko said...

HAHAHAHA! Re-purposing a bra as a purse! Best. Idea. Ever!

Katie Curtis said...

Love this one just as much.