Saturday, July 20, 2013

Taking it easy

It is sometimes hard to take pictures of the day to day activities.  Sometimes because I am involved in them and can't step back to snap or sometimes because they just look so ordinary to me.  But when I saw Lucy curled up on the couch eating, instead of marching her back to the kitchen to eat I realized she was curled up in the same corner I always pick to eat my own lunch.  That is the corner of the couch that I occupy to watch over the kids most playtimes and something about how she was sitting and copying me reminded me that these are the sacred little things.  Not magically brilliant photography here but so much of the important little things in them that I will probably forget one day even though they are so consuming now. 

Reid in no pants * being unable to put bowls far enough so Reid can't get to them * baskets of toys neglected for a ball and wii remote * Lucy's gorgeous but always slightly unkempt hair and how I really try but it is such a battle to brush it * eating Cafe Yumm for lunch most days * how Reid gets so excited he spreads his fingers and shakes involuntarily * how much the kids love playing with each other * how quickly the fun turns to chaos turns to crying * how messy newly independent eaters faces get and how often * Reid learning to walk * Reid curls and how I can't bring myself to cut them * how  my kids play resembles puppies 

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Katie Curtis said...

Reid reminds me of baby Britt in these pictures!