Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June Highlights {Via iPhone}

* We moved to our new house on the east side of Denver, right on the edge of plains.  We bought this time and are loving our home!  
* Katie and mom came to visit and help with the move and unpacking. So much fun. And helpful.
* Reid learned to stand and clap and shake his head to the word "no". He took one step.  He needs a haircut but I can't bring myself to accomplish that task.  His favorite toy is the wii remote. 
* We have been shaking up Lucy's whole world with nap reorganization and potty training 6.0.  If she naps, she stays up until past 10:00 (our bedtime) and if she doesn't nap she is crabby.  It's been tough but she gets scheduled down time and an early bed time and things are working out okay. Potty training not as smooth of a transition.  We are on week 3.  Not fun, but there are slivers of light in this very dark tunnel. I long for the day when I don't have to say the word "poop" once in a day. 
* Lots of swimming, parks, and splash pads.  Our new area is filled with lovely people and we have been lucky to be included so quickly. 
* Father's day and Mikes birthday (31!!).  For his birthday last year I gave him a cookbook and 10 bookmarks for recipes I would cook during the year.  Well, a week before his birthday and I still had 8 to go!  So in one week I cooked lobster tails and Indian tangine fish and peach pork and 4 other meals. I still have one to go. 
* Paul and Janet came to see our new house and we put them to work installing new toilets and sprinklers!  One of these days we will let them come and visit and just relax.  


Tonya said...

So glad your loving the Denver area. I'd move back there in a heart beat. Colorado memories I have are dear to my heart. And I LOVE the seasons there. You're so lucky!!!

Ambam & Pants said...

Yay! Eliza has the same bathingsuit. I must have been channeling you when I was in the Old Navy clearance department last week. Kindred spirits!