Sunday, September 14, 2008

First Week Recovery

It was a rough start, but I survived my first week back at teaching.  The moment the bell rang to let out the last class on Friday, I was out the door and Mike had our stuff packed and we headed to the coast to meet up with some dear friends and do some playing!  It was gorgeous, as was to be expected, but the wind did get the better of my hair.  And a first for me, we saw a whale just off the shore down near Newport.  


Katie Curtis said...

Love the update! I've missed your blogs. PS: I LOVED your email about those tapes we used to listen to!!!! Talk about memory lane! I'll buy the CDs (and the 'Thinker' series) for your first kid- you just have to have one!

Natalie said...

Congratulations! Is this your second or third year? It looks like you and Mike make a point of making the most of your weekends and that's awesome. Ryan and I aren't the best planners, so it takes a lot to make those things happen. Plus a one year old in the picture makes it a little difficult! Anyway, good luck. Hope the second week is a breeze.