Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lucy Rolls Over

You should be warned, this accelerated version of Lucy's much anticipated roll takes a little over a minute to watch. That said, the actual event took over five minutes, required three aunts, a grandma, and a mom, two cameras, lots of cheering, a full day of teaching complete with modeling, and a cute little one who loves her naked time.


Melissa (Irving) Meldrum said...

Watch out! Before you know it she'll be running and jumping and climbing in and out of her booster seat all by herself at the kitchen table. I love watching them learn and grow!! I hope you're enjoying being a mom and not too tired all the time (Zoey's two and I still seem to always be tired!). Can't wait to see how much more she grows between now and the family reunion this summer...see ya then!

Savannah said...

How cute! And I loved that song! Denali stopped playing and pulled up on the couch with me to watch it!

LeeAnna said...

Way to go Lucy! So cute! And very funny! I can only imagine what it was like in real time - all the teaching and cooing her to succeed! How fun! She is so precious.