Sunday, March 7, 2010

Saturday Festivities

Living in China and moving to Malaysia, my dad was the last of my family to meet Lucy. He has been sending mass family emails telling everyone to get their fill of Lucy time so that he can have uncontested claim to this little one.
My sisters, although they did indeed get said emails, were not ready to let go of Lucy. When dad finally had to eat something and put Lucy down, Katie and Brittany figured out ways to both hold Lucy at the same time during their precious few minutes.
We took everyone to the opening of the Saturday Market downtown. Lucy basked in the sun and slept the entire time.
Lucy's two grandpas taking a break.


JJLanier said...

It looks like Lucy has everyone in your families wrapped around her little finger! She is a doll and I love seeing the pictures that you post.

heidizinha said...

I really wanted to go to Saturdays market when we were there and was so bummed it wasn't open yet. Almost as bummed as I was that we didn't get to meet up. My bad!