Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Traveling Ring

My family has so few things that connect us physically. We have had at least two members of the family living in a different country from the others for the past eleven years. At times we have been spread out over four countries at one time. Phone calls have to be made early in the morning or in the late afternoon to reach a parent. Calendars have to be meticulously coordinated around dates with new boys, travels, BYU classes, a new baby, and a new husband in the family. We can sometimes feel very separate. But for a couple months a year each girl gets to wear a ring that says 'you belong'. It sometimes whispers 'you can do it', although to be truly accurate it is more likely to yell 'just do it already'. It started with Katie, but I borrowed it for a little too long and thought it was mine. Megan had been trying to get it from me when Katie realized she liked it again and wanted to wear it. At this same time, we were all going through scary tasks; we were starting careers, dating, serving missions, etc. So we started passing the ring to the person who needed a little extra boost for the month. And thus, the traveling ring.


Britt Curtis said...

Ahem! You're missing a Curtis girl. I sent you a pic in an email that you can add, if you feel so inclined. (Tho it's not as cute as the others.) Cuz right now I feel left out. :(

Emilee said...

That's a beautiful tradition. My sisters and I are starting to be scattered across the country, and I wish I had something to help us all feel a bit more connected.