Sunday, May 1, 2011

Run for Risa

Letting Lucy stretch her legs before the race.
It was mom's first 5k.
Katie taking it very serious.
Mom and Britt were so awesome to take Lucy with them so we could run a little faster.

My relationship with running has been incredibly dynamic and defining for me over the years. During my school years I used to run my required mile praying to find a dropped straw which was the marker for a lap completed. I hated the mile. Then in high school I got in better shape but I always turn red when I work out hard and felt embarrassed to run hard and suffer the red spots on my face during the next class period. In college I met one of those people who you feel like you have known forever and we started running together, gabbing and pushing each other. We ran 5ks. We were slow but we had fun. When I met Mike I was trying to get back in to shape and we got married and ran together at the gym. We each got up to 9 mile runs and it was a great part of our relationship. Then enters Lucy and I am so out of shape. But we are starting to feel committed again and even setting some big goals for running. This 5k was a fun tiny step on our pending running journey.

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Julie said...

Good for you Jen! Wish I could bring myself to run again. I just can't. Love that Lucy got to participate too.