Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mom and Britt Visit

Have I mentioned how lucky Lucy is to have such a wealth of cool aunts and uncles and grandparents to dote on her? And lets not neglect to mention what I get out of the deal as well. When Britt visits she is the practical aunt - dirty diapers, baths, dressings, feedings, diaper bags, she is all over it! And my mom does my laundry and tells me to stay late at work or go shopping and take myself to lunch on my way home. Plus they took video. Why have I not been taking video, I can't get Lucy to sit still for pictures so I really should be embracing the moving picture form.
Lucy loves dipping things and eating the sauce. She can do it for a whole meal. A meal of ranch dressing - awesome!
I love this face - sometimes she looks at me like this and I think how fun our teenage years are going to be.

Mike thinks this picture makes it look like I am just slow. For the record I can actually run faster than Lucy. Not by much, but it had to be said.
She refused to use the stairs to get back up and, of course, we indulged her.
She loves the slide.

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Julie said...

Isn't that THE best park? We LOVE it! Wondering if your family hires out. Sounds heavenly.