Sunday, May 22, 2011

Working Hard

Once Mike took my sisters and I camping and after us girls took a stroll to a nearby waterfall, Mike had the fire going, tents up, food cooking, and stories ready to spin. We decided we loved camping.
Once Mike was carrying at least seven bags of groceries into the house and awkwardly clinging to a spoon from our Dairy Queen treats. I looked at my empty hands and promptly offered to carry the spoon.
Once (okay, yesterday) Mike power washed our entire house and when he suggested my sister and I mow the lawn we spent at least 30 minutes staring at the machine before we bravely attempted a line down the middle of the yard.
Once Mike married a girl with a sometimes spotty work ethic, but luckily she married a man with patience enough to let her slowly progress and strength enough do it alone with she is not much help.
Don't you think he deserves a little bit of this after all that work?

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