Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jet Lag

Jet lag has been cruel on this side of the trip. We adjusted easily in Malaysia and the first night here we did fine, but it is all catching up. We are exhausted for much of the day and waking up at funny hours of the night. Lucy was waking up pretty consistently this week at 11:00 and up for 2 hours. Just enough time for her to be reunited with Nemo and back to bed. She also wanted to spend the evening reading her pop-up bug book that Britt bought her to cure (or tease) her of her worm fear. Kind of like ghost stories at night, she still acted scared of the book but wanted to keep reading it over and over.


mom said...

Sure are cute pics of jet-lag. I feel the pain. This is my second night in the States and I am up at 4 am checking email and blogs. The first night went fine, but I don't like my eyes popping open at 4. Hope the nights are getting easier for you guys.... thanks goodness for elmo and nemo. I'm going to have to find my nemo cause I have a feeling 4 am is only the beginning.

Britt Curtis said...

I knew she'd come around to the book!