Wednesday, August 3, 2011

We Made it to Malaysia

I know that bragging and blogging are a cliche combination but it must said that Lucy has turned out to be a brilliant world traveler. She travelled for 40 hours, crossed 15 time zones, stopped in 4 countries and somehow stayed cheery for 39 of the 40 hours. She skipped naps and even a whole night of sleep but not until the very last hour did she melt down into a state of daze and intermittent tears. Mike beat Lucy's 39 hours with 40 solid sane hours of traveling. Not as much can be said for myself, who started to melt down around hour 24.

The first activity to be had was a nice dip in the family famous tub overlooking the Petronas towers.

The second activity was keeping Mike awake until nighttime and thus keeping jet lag at bay.

Activity number three was a tour of the Petronas towers which are just down the street from my parents' apartment. We visited the skybridge, the top floor observatory, and my dads office on the 52 floor.

We met grandpa for lunch and tried some local flavor. Lucy and I were only brave enough to start with local desserts while Mike let the locals in line order his entire meal for him.

And then we spent the evening at a local park with a wading fountain.

My favorite part about being here is learning about Islam. I hadn't really realized that I have never been to a Muslim country before and I am consumed with learning more about the religion and traditions. Being a part of a religion myself that requires sacrifices and includes traditions that are not mainstream and often misunderstood, I am fascinated by another religious group that wears their religion in outward signs of sacrifice in such a proud and nobel way. I love the modesty and beauty of the hijab and, because it is Ramadan, I have been moved by their day long fasting. It is a fascinating culture here in Malaysia.


Tonya said...


I love that Mike let the locals order for him. That is something my hubby would do!

Have a great trip. So cool that you got to go to Malaysia.

what kind of a name is abra said...

I have been waiting for an update and am so thrilled to hear how well Lucy did, how could you ever doubt her?! You look brilliantly beautiful and write movingly, I am lucky to be your friend. When you get back I want you to talk for hours and I will even try to keep my mouth shut!

Julie said...

So fun! I LOVE the photos in and around the tub. How CUTE! What an awesome adventure. Can't wait to see more.