Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Third Day of School

I know it is tradition to take pictures on the first day of school but we were running out the door in the morning with our milks in hand and then running back in after school to get a nap in. Second day looked pretty similar. Today we finally started to gain some composure and paused to take a few pictures. She goes to high school with me every morning and learns all sorts of lovely stuff in their Tiny Tigers program. She already loves it there and now that she can bring her new-found and very deeply ingrained affection for Elmo to school with her she is in heaven.


vaxhacker said...

That's cool that she gets to go with you. Our kids did preschool in high schools too, which I think is a great program. I'm surprised you start so soon, though. We still have another week before school starts for us.

Katie Curtis said...

I love that Lucy is closing her eyes when she is kissing you.. so adorable! Are you going to blog about the pea?!