Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fountain Fun

Lucy and I had serious fountain ambitions at the beginning of summer, but with all the trips and then all the recovering from trips, we left many fountains unexplored. We did fall in deep like with Jameson Square Fountain, which actually fills up and then drains every ten minutes or so. It taught Lucy patience in things she can not control (a skill so hard to acquire), while also being very fun. We also frequented the Beaverton City Fountain a few times but that one is not for the weak hearted. You have to head full steam in to shooting sprays of water that may change intensity at any minute. Not our favorite. But still oddly addicting.

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Tonya said...

i tried taking my kids to the fountain this summer and you know what!?! they told me it was boring. this is what happens when cute little kids turn into 1st graders thru middle schoolers. so i guess we've retired fountains. really!?!

anyhow, enough of my fountain drama.

lucy is too cute for words. i love her cute little facial expressions and she sure does look super cute in that little swim suit!