Sunday, September 4, 2011


Katie is "between jobs" which really means "in the middle of playing" and we are lucky to have her staying with us until she commits to a 9 to 5. We hope she lingers for a while but Mike and I are starting to feel a little old and frumpy with our lives in juxtaposition to Katie's. Our 10 o'clock bedtime seems awfully early when we have to turn on the porch light knowing Katie won't even be home for a couple of hours. And when she flies out the door during the day with just sunscreen and keys in her hands I look around at my diaper bag and toddler shoes and snacks and start to feel very slow. Lets not even talk about how she can innocently play with Lucy all day and then leave me on the phone all night with a nurse because Lucy has had food stuck up her nose for most of the day. In her defense, she was quite supportive as I was blowing in my daughter's nostril to get a pea out of the other one. Laughing, but definitely supportive. But mommyish as she sometimes makes me feel, I love having her her. And did I mention that Lucy adores her? She does. Lucy adores her aunt T.

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vaxhacker said...

LOL... the joys of parenthood. I don't think I ever blew a pea out of our kids' noses, but it fits in line with all the other adventures along the way. It doesn't get any less weird when they're teenagers, either.