Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Iconic Moments

I feel like there are a few landmark moments in motherhood that you kind of know are coming, but they always come sooner than you thought. I felt like that the first time Lucy unraveled all the toilet paper in the bathroom. And I felt the iconic moment when Lucy, with unexpected adeptness, walked around the house in my high heels. I love how she is growing and learning but I just wish she could give me a little warning so I could be sure to put her pants back on after the diaper change and before the photographic moment so that looking back in twenty years I don't mistake her six month dress as a reluctance to let her grow up instead of the frugal use of too-small-dresses as shirts which it really was.


Tonya said...

Oh, frugal is good.

She looks just darling.

And I am luvin' those shoes!

Tenley said...

I am so happy! I get to work with Lucy in Early Childhood Practicum! She is so adorable.