Sunday, July 15, 2012

Shouldn't Be Surprised

I was talking with my sister Katie over Skype and in the course of our conversation, intermixed with her tales of pencil skirts and cute dates,  these are the glamourous things that I revealed about my awesome mothering: Lucy's first diaper change of the day was at 1:00 PM (leaving it unsaid that she was still in her pajamas at the time) * Previous to our call I had strongly encouraged Lu to watch t.v. so I could watch The Bachelorette online * I gave Lucy Tic Tacs for lunch (a whole container) * I did give her cereal for breakfast (but it came out of a baggie from the bottom of my purse) * I had plans to count our afternoon swim at the pool as a bath * I use family on the phone to sing Lucy her nap time song because I need a break from primary songs

So, I really shouldn't have been surprised when my other sister, Megan, showed up at my door the next day.  Word spreads fast in this family and it must have been pretty clear that I needed a little hand up in this whole motherhood (pregnancy, settling, adjusting) thing.  And Megan did an amazing job.  Despite having her own adorable little one, she cleaned my house and hung pictures and played with Lucy and entertained me.  It was a sad moment dropping her off at the airport but I am thankful for the perfect reprieve.

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Ambam & Pants said...

You're better than I...I make Eliza watch the Bachelorette clips I want to "review" with me! Will you text me so I have your number on my new phone so I can call you!