Friday, July 20, 2012

"Lazy Days" don't really feel very lazy anymore

I declared yesterday a "lazy day" and assured Mike we would still be in our pjs when he got home from work.  I don't think he believed me because he seemed surprised when he got home! In the end it turns out that staying home all day is actually a lot more draining than going to do something and burn a little toddler energy. But one of my goals of the day was to capture how cute and capable Lucy is with language.  She says so many interesting and confidently articulated things that I don't ever want to forget them.  However, it turns out that Lucy and I must not talk much during the day together because I couldn't get more than a few words out of her for the video.   But you can see a bit of her personality and I don't want to forget that either.  I will try again later with the language.  But no more "lazy days" around here until the baby gets arrives.  They are too much work.

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