Sunday, July 1, 2012

Our New Adventure

We are really trying to see the brightest pieces of this move and look at it like an adventure, although in full disclosure it is simply not easy transitioning an eight month pregnant woman and a toddler to a new city. *Insert sympathy sigh for a very patient and supportive Mike.* Every day has bright moments and hard moments.  Bright moments include things like swimming at the neighborhood pool and hard moments include hospital tours when I have to ask questions about kids being welcome because I don't know anyone to leave Lucy with if I go into labor early. 
{Apologies to those already following Lu and I on Instagram - but here is a recap of our transition via the beloved iphone} 
Saying goodbye to dad and Portland (Lu and I flew to Utah to vacation while Mike did all the hard work of moving)

Hanging out with Tanner in Utah

Saying goodbye to Grandma 

Exploring the Denver Aquarium with dear friends from Portland who were in town for a wedding.  This immensely softened the blow of a not knowing anyone. 

Watching Pepa the Pig on the iPad and giving mom a moment to relax in between unpacking boxes.  Frequent occurrence these days.

Playing with dad from the minute he gets home until the minute Lu goes to bed.  Again, sympathy sighs for Mike allowed.  No personal time for this man these days!

We frequently linger on the edge of meltdowns during the day. 

Post swimming naps are the best!  But poor child needs other friends than a pregnant woman - it is getting to her! 

Kelly and Clara visit and go swimming with us! 

Did I mention that meltdowns are very near the surface these days? 

Tasting Sweet Action ice cream.  Yahoo! said it was the best in the country so we decided to cast our vote. 


Ambam & Pants said...

I sighed for Mike and for you (and for me). And give it two weeks and everyone will want to have Lucy over. She's just that kind of girl--irresistable!

Tonya said...

Crazy how life works out sometimes, huh?!? Soon you'll have all sorts of new friends, a new babe and Denver will feel like home. Plus, it's probably actually summer there...Oregon thinks it's still Spring. Blah!