Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Latest on Lucy

* She now prefers sleeping in her dress-up box in the closet to her bed
* She likes to know how we are going to get where we are going.  She wants to know all the turns we will make before our destination.
* She pretend sells her play food in pounds instead of dollars (British kids shows are our favorite)
* She says things like, "It's a lovely day for ___________" (usually swinging)
* She calls her boots 'boobs' and it never stops being funny
* She always asks Mike how work was or how our class was after we pick her up for nursery
* She likes to renegotiate the order in which we do things during the day and in a similar vein she frequently gives me an itemized account of what she would like to do and in what order (the curse of having a perhaps overly structured mom)
* If she doesn't get options for something she will frequently ask "what are my other options"
* If she doesn't like an answer she will ask, "well, maybe?" i.e "Is grandma Wecker coming tomorrow?" "No. Not tomorrow." "Well, maybe?" "No."  "Maybe!"  Always the optimist.
* She is always on the move.
* If someone drops or spills something she always says, "That's okay" to them - even strangers in restaurants.
* When you do something, anything, successfully, she will say "hurray, you did it" or "good job ________".
* When she gets in trouble she will heart-breakingly declare, "But I'm nice."

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