Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Our 4th: Mt. Evans

We thought about staying up for the fireworks.  But a pregnant woman does not do well sitting on the ground for hours.  And we thought about joining a neighborhood parade.  But a pregnant woman does not do well walking around in the heat.  We thought about spending or day cooking up classic summer food.  But a toddler doesn't do well confined to a kitchen.  So finally we scratched the classic festivities and we headed up into the mountains to cool off and change up the traditions a bit.  I think enjoying a classic american vista is a perfect new tradition for the 4th of July. But as a disclaimer, it turns out incredibly narrow roads that climb to the highest paved point in America aren't so hot for pregnant women either - I am pretty sure my nerves almost sent me into labor.   

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llrosell said...

Jen - Hi there! I am sure my parents would be happy to watch Lu for you if needed. Let me know! Good luck.